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Dying Night A18.1 b6 PVP/8K Map/100% XP/Loot


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Welcome to my PVP server! Map size is currently 8K but will increase to 16K next time server is wiped and restarts (currently planning wipe when final stable version comes out or when we get past day 300)


Server info:

Name: Dying Night A18.2 (b2) PVP/8K Map/100% XP/Loot


Port: 27700

Slots: 20

Map Size: 8K currently will increase to 16K

Server Host: survivalservers.com

Server Admin: jayfusion

Discord: https://discord.gg/pQ6UdqM


Most settings are Default with the exception of a few. For example,

BlockDamagePlayer 100%

BlockDamageAI 50%

BlockDamageAIBM 25%


Each player can place and have up to 2 LCB active at one time.

LCB will be adjusted when they fix it.


Here are some server rules currently in place, when/if updated check discord for most recent.


1: Do not destroy unoccupied vehicles that are LOCKED.

2: UNLOCKED vehicles are FAIR GAME!

3: Do not destroy Bookcases or Bookstore loot crates. Everything else is fair game.

4: Only destroy what you need to while raiding bases. Don't wipe bases or you will just get banned.

5: No Killing while "Inside" the Trader's Walls, and No Killing anyone that's "Inside" any of the Trader's Walls.

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