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Server player SteamID.map file overwritten with mysterious file


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I'm running a server where my SteamID.map file is being overwritten by a mysterious version of the file that had to have been created while I was testing the world.


I've tried deleting the map file to let it rebuild, but it comes back.

I've replaced the map file with a previous version that was backed up.

I reinstalled the game on my computer.

I went through the process of having the server reinstalled fresh at the host site.

I changed the file for the save.


Nothing fixes it and it comes back with the mysterious file that continues to update but will not reset or be replaced no matter what I do.


The save for the game works fine on my computer when I copy it to my computer's save folder.


Does anyone know what could be doing this?

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Thanks again SylenThunder for pointing me in the right direction.

I fixed the issue.

I was able to replace the [steamID].map file in the SavesLocal folder:

Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\SavesLocal\[random generated server folder]\Player

Now my map displays correctly, but only because I manually backed it up intermittently along the way. Otherwise I'd have settled for copying the server file from another player or deleting the map file to just starting over fresh.

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