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Low fps, Connection issues repost


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Hello, i have a i9 9900k, 16 gb ram and gtx 1070, when i first got the game i had good fps, in game and got good connetion to my friend...

But after after a few hours of gameplay all the problems start to come up, my fps went down from 120 to about 45-30 fps, i tried to change settings from high to medium, still the same thing...


I quit the game and changed some settings in Nvidia control panel, to "Prefer maximum performance". I got back 1-3 fps...

And alot of connection issues, and my ping went from ~35 to 150+ so it took like 1-1,5 minute to open a chest... I did not had any problems when i first started the game, i play on ADSL btw.


and for the last two days i still have the same problems... Exept after i disabled voice chat, my fps got up back to 120-70 for about 1 hour, then back down to 45-30 fps again... [ATTACH]30476[/ATTACH] in here are the output logs.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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