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New book series ideas


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I love finding the books. They are the best loot and it would be great if there were more series, here are a few ideas for series.


Weeaboo Weekly: Like batter up but with knives. when you finish the series you get to make a katana.


Grandpa's moonshine Mayhem: give better bonus to alcohol or are recipes. Finial perk is a moonshine still that produces less heat and makes drinks faster than the camp fire but only makes drinks.


Motors for gearshifts: each book teaches a vehicle mod recipe. Finial perk is a recipe for monster truck wheels converting the 4x4 into a monster truck.


Wall street wackjobs: like the wasteland treasures book but for discounts at the trader. finial perk is more inventory at traders.


Secrets of sham: each book grants a new recipe for sham for new food items with buffs, finial perk is more damage after eating sham. Plays a metal version of popeye spinach power music after eating sham.


Macdyers books: each book provides a perk that reduces ingredient amount or crafting time. Final perk is controversial, allows either an extra mod per item, or tier 6 crafting...

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