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Night ambient Spooky noises check box or bar in the audio options?


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I write this post because I would like to know if there is a way, without compromising my ability to play online, to turn off or at least lower the volume of the "spooky screams" we can hear exclusively at night, but that specifically.


I know the volume bar for ambient sounds affects it, however it also lowers other sounds like bird chirping and winds that I find to be on the low side already. And down the road, I find that the "natural sounds" are not something I want to lower at all in the end.


I really like this game so far, but perhaps during base building at night, those noises (after a 1000 hours +) becomes quite repetitive and annoying, especially due to how loud they are during segment without action.


I would like to have, if at all possible, a check box to turn those off, since I do not believe that these noises brings anything to the experience that I can enjoy, if anything, they pull me off my immersion by how loud and out of place they can be at times... for example, when sitting at my base indoor next to my forges.


And also, please understand that as I play online on a server with friends, a server that I don't personally manage, Modding is not a simple option for me as a player.


Sincerely, thank you in advance.

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