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3 players now have been reset to level one.


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I'm an admin on a server community, and we have 3 servers.


3 players now (including myself) from 2 different servers have been just randomly set back to level 1. I was able to give back xp to myself to get back to level 90ish, and respend my points, but I lost all my schematic and magazine points.


I thought it might be a server host issue because servers 1 and 3 have the same host and server 2 has a different host, but since they are from different servers (servers 1 and 2) it's not a host problem.


I don't know how to recreate this problem, or if it's already been reported by other people, or if our community is alone in this problem. Anyway, so there it is.


This is on stable A18

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I don't have access to the logs, but now it's been 5 people, and at least one person from each of all 3 servers. Has this been reported by other people in Stable A18 or is it a coincidence for us?


Oh, and none of us have been online if and when there was a server crash.

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Sylen said client shutdown. When you yourself experienced it with your own toon, did your client crash before or did you quit the running game normally?


My suggestion would be to make an automatic backup every 10 minutes of your players files on the server. Those can be found in the save game location and should be <GameWorld>\<GameName>/players.xml and the directory <GameWorld>\<GameName>\Player


When this happens again, include the output logs of server and this player (you just might ask him) plus the before- and after-backups of the players files to the bug report.


Also you might use the before-backup-files to restore the specific player. All you need is his steam-id to identify him among the player files.


The game already generates .bak files in the Player-dir but I don't know how they are used. Their time-stamp seems to be at most 20 seconds apart. I suppose when a player reconnects and finds out he got reset, the valuable .bak file from before will already be overwritten before the player has enough time to react in most cases.

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