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Prefab Editor: Imposter issue


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I have been working on a rather large build with a friend, more than 200x200 in size, and after clicking "Update Imposter", it appears the entire building has been stuffed with a soil like material painted like marble. No air blocks or non square shapes within the structure. All replaced with this "stuffing".


We tried deleting the mesh file, toggling show imposter, deleting the mesh file, to no avail.


Is this prefab ruined?

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When you say imposter, are you referring to the distant POI mesh (model of prefab seen from far away)?


If so, I dont think I've ever used that feature within the games prefab editor. I've generally used the command lines functions as described by slaan in this video.



Edit: I think the prefab might be ruined if you saved the mesh over the prefab file itself but not certain. When prompted about saving changes to the POI after creating the mesh, I typically hit "No"

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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