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A18 causing complete crash


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A18 is causing a complete crash of my desktop after a few minutes of playing. I can't figure out what is causing it and it has been doing it since A18 was in experimental. I get on a server, move around a little bit, and then entire PC locks up completely to where I have to manually power it off and back on. Nothing shows up in the event viewer other than Kernal error which is just telling me there was an improper shut down. My pc is pretty good and this is the only game that this happens. I can turn on my 5 year old laptop and play for hours without an issue. I have a few hundred hours on this game and I've never had this issue up until A18. I've tried pretty much everything I can think of but it's hard to really troubleshoot when I have no type of crash report.


My specs:


RTX 2070 8 gb

16 Gigs G skill ripjaws 3000MHZ

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I am having the same issues as you. what settings are you running? I've experienced your issues when i was on 1440 ultra settings i was getting 50-60 fps. I turned my settings down to 1080 high, 120-140 fps and so far i haven't locked up. I'm still trying to figure out of the issue is psu or gpu.

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It was on 1440 ultra when it first happened and I've been messing with different settings since. Even at 1080 on the lowest setting it still does it. If if was a failing PSU it would have errors with other games as well, which my PC does not. I mean we played Modern Warfare for about 12 hours straight with no issue beside crappy gameplay. I stress tested my GPU and CPU together with Furman and Prime95 and still no issues what so ever. It's only this game and it happens every time I play it no matter what.

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So you're saying that 7 days to die is the more intensive game out there on PC hardware even on lowest settings? I just can't see that as feasible. I mean the game is great and all but it's never been resource heavy on any of my other systems. I can play it all night long on my 4 year old lap top. Sorry but failing PSU is just a default answer. I mean I have literally tried to get my PSU to fail using multiple stress tests at the same time and it still doesn't reproduce what happens when I play 7 days. My temps on low settings never get above 50C on cpu and 60c on gpu and there's no type of thermal or power throttling.

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Well - I have been a PC Technician +30 years. It can well be a failing PSU, or a number of things.

Please note that this game - although as of Alpha 18.1 (b155) it has had some optimizations it isn't truly optimized and I'm pretty sure that even with high end systems it is demanding resource wise. I run a I7-4790K with a 980TI and I can get good frame rates in A18.1 (b6) from 60/70-ish towards +120FPS. A lot of systems only run with one or two SSD's/HD's... An optimal setup would be to have at least 2 SSD's and one HD. OS & Game/Steam on SSD's and Swap on HD. Ideally all on SSD's is preferred to maximize system speed.


If you'd like to continue troubleshooting please read the stickies and gather that data and re-post to this thread please. SylenThunder and/or others and myself are glad to help.

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So quick update, I took out my PSU and put it in my old desktop and was able to play for about an hour with no issues. Put it back in my new desktop and 5ish minutes, pc locks up. I went ahead and bought a new PSU, 800w 80+ gold, fresh install of windows. 7 days is the only game installed it and I load into a game run around for about 30 seconds and locks up yet again. At the time of crash GPU was at 50% usage at 67C, CPU was at 38% usage 55C. I think it's time I just pick this game up on the shelf as much as I enjoy it, this game isn't worth the headache.

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I am having the same issue as above. not sure if i need to start a new thread or continue in this one. But my log is



I have tried Re-installing the game. I even went as far as reinstalling steam just to make sure all the files were gone. It is happening in every game. Single player and Multiplayer as well as server. havent tried with the Anticheat turned off but i will do that now.


As soon as i start the game i can play for about 2-3 minutes and then it just shuts down. I have tried to uninstall the Video drivers and reinstall them fresh. I have tried to Roll back the drivers. my system info is:


Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Intel Core i9 @ 3.60GHz 94 °C

Kaby Lake 14nm Technology






Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@144Hz)

4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (CLEVO/KAPOK Computer) 43 °C


1863GB Samsung SSD 860 EVO 2TB (SATA (SSD)) 38 °C

931GB Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB (Unknown (SSD))

29GB SanDisk Cruzer USB Device (USB )

Optical Drives

No optical disk drives detected


High Definition Audio Device


The game was running fine a couple days ago then this just started all of a sudden and i haven't been able to play since. It is a work laptop so some windows updates may have been done when it stopped working but i am not 100% sure and i cant turn them off.


My version of the game is 18.1 B8 i think.


Doesnt seem to be any other problems just turns off.

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