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Head Lamp Heat, Indoors, is too much


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I think you're mistaking visibility and heat.


Heat is a normally invisible stat that more or less stands for activity. Having torches placed, forges running, chemistry stations cooking, workbenches crafting large projects, and more generates a heatmap which in turn attracts screamers and wandering hordes.


The meter in the bottom left corner when crouched is visibility and affects how far zombies can visually detect you. Turning on a flashlight on your forehead makes zombies see you from farther away... because you have a flashlight on your forehead. At 2 visibility with it off in the dark, a zombie could walk right by you just a few blocks away without attacking you.


But being inside blocks line of sight, so you will not be detected by sight no matter how high your visibility is. Though you may attract them through sound if you're actively doing stuff.

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