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Tips for a new pc


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Hello survivors,

I write this post to request some advice regarding the new PC that I would like to buy. I will have a PC assembled to play only 7daystodie and I was wondering what features it should have to play at top quality.

I currently have a PC with:

GeForce GTX 750

Intel Core i5-4690k CPU 3.50ghz

7.93 Ram

1920x1080, 60hz.


With this PC i can play only in medium quality. It is necessary to assembl a new pc(my budget is 900 Euros) or i can adjust my pc?


Sorry, for my english language, i am italian.

Thanks for all.


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This are the specs I'm currently playing on:


CPU: i7 - 8700k @ 4,25GHz

GPU: GeForce RTX 2070



With this settings I can get (at the best video settings) about ~120 FPS outside of city and 60 FPS inside of citys.

My friend has 32GB of ram and a similar good CPU, but his game has some huge lag spikes at medium settings.

My adivse is to spend most of your money on a good GPU (you probably will need a new PSU as well), you can get the one I have already for ~550€. If you want to can spend some money on an extra 8GB of RAM, they are quite cheap.


I think GPU is really everything you need. If you want to get fancy later, I suggest to safe up some money for a new CPU and properly a new mainbord with new generation of i9 or AMD processors.


Remember: Christmas is soon. If you're lucky your parts are maybe on a sale then ;)


PS: Although I could play the game on higher resolution I play on Low to Medium settings, because I prefare a high framerate over look.

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16GB of ram is definitely recommended for this game. Your CPU is a bit weak now that this game claims to support all cores now, so getting something modern with at least 8 threads and highest GHz possible is recommended. Graphics, well, that's debatable as to what you need for highest 1080p settings. I just have a GTX 1060 FTW+ 6GB version overclocked quite a bit and I can set the game to highest graphical settings and still get around 50fps, but it would of course drop well below that on occasion, so since I don't care that much about the fancy graphics, I lowered some details to get an average of 72fps. Maybe a GTX 1660 Super / GTX 1660TI or better is all you need? I'm no good with currency conversion, but 900 euros is not a lot of money when it comes to the outrageous GPU prices these days.

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