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Good free benchmark software


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I have Futuremark 3D Mark 11 Advanced which is registered, and some game benchmarks, I do not have anything newer in the 3Dmark type of benchmarking.


Does anyone have any suggestions for a free benchmark that works both the GPU and CPU for a new system?


I have:

Prime95 - for stress testing my CPU cooler.


Meto Last Light Redux

Futuremark 3D Mark 11 Advanced

Quake III team Arena - for kicks, reminding me of my Duron 800 days back in the year 2000.

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Furmark is good for stress testing your Gpu.


Unigien Heaven, Valley, and Superposition Benchmarks are free.


7Zip has a built in benchmark for cpu.


I think that MSI Afterburner with Riva statistics is a great way to

monitor your gpu and cpu stats & temps while in game.

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I have been using HWMonitor and Core Temp for monitor and It just reminded me I forgot to set up Core Temp for may last 1 1/2 hour A18 play time.


I'm happy with my setup now, I posted this before I got my upgrade hardware. It runs A18 on Full High at around 60FPS and drops to no lower than 40FPS in the cites.

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