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Alpha 18 seems to be missing some fun futures:)


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I think they should up the spawn rate of zombies like it was on alpha 17 and past ones. Cause right now it' feels empty and not as challenging :( a17 was challenging and I loved that alpha.



But something about alpha 18 just doesn't feel fun like past alphas were :( I feel like alpha 18 is missing alot of futures,like two that was loved soo much was wondering zombies and random hordes :( I hope that these two futures get added back plz plz devs plz add these two futures back!!!


Devs here's a list of futures that I want added back.


(1) more zombies not less zombies we want more zombies, plz up the spawn rate.


(2) wondering zombies me and many others miss this future I want this to get added back :D


(3) I want random hordes added back plz it added challenge to the game :D


(4) option to turn on or turn off random hordes and wondering zombies this will be great if some players want a challenge or just to have more air. Plz add this option so that players can either turn this on or off.


(5) option to tweak on how many zombies you want in your world at a time :)


PLZ add these futures thx.

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(1) They just made some of the smaller POIs have fewer zombies so they weren't such a chore to loot.

(2) Wandering zombies and wandering hordes still exist; It's possible they tweaked the spawn rates however.

(3) See above.

(4) Not a bad idea.

(5) I believe this is part of the difficulty setting.

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