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Loot Rebalance Request!


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Hi, I've noticed playing A18, the new loot system is way out of balance... Guns-bows-tools-ammo etc are really easy to find, By day 1 I had almost every gun expect a sniper, I had 5 crossbows and lots of wooden bows and loads of tools. I had 300 9mm 280 shotgun, 160 7.62mm. I also couldn't find anywhere near enough feathers for arrows.. With the way weapons and tools are it makes crafting pointless... why try to craft a crossbow or even a bow for that matter when you can just find everything in the first few days... The same is for all weapons in the game, spears etc, I liked the reward of finding a weapon like a pistol after using a bow then upgrading to crossbow. Its way to easy now.


Could someone PLEASE balance the loot to something more like A16.4

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You can check the lootgroups that start after the quality templates and lower the amount of guns and such in each group. Then go to the bottom of file where the lootcontainers are and adjust the probabilities of what will spawn in each container.


If you lower the probabilities enough the other items in the container will be more likely to spawn instead. Or you can always add some junk type items to each container with higher probs than the weapons and ammo groups.

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Here is a lootgroup from loot.xml:

<lootgroup name="groupSafeLoot">
<item group="groupAmmoRegular" prob=".2"/>
<item group="groupWeaponsScaled" prob=".7"/>
<item group="groupModAllScaled" prob=".15"/>
<!-- <item group="groupAmmoAdvanced"/> -->
<item name="oldCash" count="10,300" prob="0.05"/>
<item group="rareOres" prob="0.03"/>


And here is one lootcontainer that group is used in, which is the gun safe in game.

<lootcontainer id="42" count="2,6" size="8,8" sound_open="UseActions/open_safe" sound_close="UseActions/close_safe" open_time="1" loot_quality_template="qualPlus1Template">
<item group="groupSafeLoot"/>


Now some containers have probabilities set then, while in this case they are set in the group. As you can see in the group, it can contain Ammo, Weapons, Mods, cash, and ores. From here you could either outright remove the guns and ammo from the group, and lower their probabilities to something real low, such as .001. That'll make the other items in the group(cash, etc) more likely to spawn.


To me, it'd be easier to open the loot.xml(use something like Notepad++) and scroll down towards the bottom where the lootcontainers start. Each one is labeled to tell you what it's for. Just scan each one to see what type of loot is has in it and edit it as you see fit. Obviously you would be looking for the safes, weapon bags, ammo piles, etc. Lower a bunch of probs, remove some altogether or however you want to tweak it. Hope this helps. :)

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