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Server settings on a local machine


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Trying to play on a local network with a server machine being host but not a dedicated server, the second computer (client) keeps randomly disconnecting.


At first I thought it was because it only had a 2GB graphics card because of the error logs in so upgraded to a 4GB which means the game doesn't hang then crash out to Windows, it just drops out to the main menu.


Checking the output log on the server machine, I get this message:

INF NET: LiteNetLib: Client disconnect from: (Timeout)


I went into the serverconfig.xml file and added LiteNetLib to the ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols but on loading up the saved game, it still loads it.


I presume that somewhere else, there is a different serverconfig.xml specific to this version of the game I'm running. I've looked in \Program Files\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data and \AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie but can't see any files I can change in there.


Help please. How do I disable the LiteNetLib without running a dedicated server?

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You can't without running a dedi. If the spare PC you're using isn't playing the actual game, then it would be better to have it run as a dedi there.


Your issue is most likely caused by something else though. LiteNetLib only disconnected the client because it timed out. The issue is not with LiteNetLib, but with the client's connection to the "server".


Much more information is needed however. You should start by reading the Sticky threads.

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I read the sticky's and tried all the suggestions of which none were effective so I went with the 16GB machine running as a dedicated server and the exact same thing occurred.


The only thing that has worked is changing the serverconfig.xml, enabling SteamNetworking and disabling LiteNetLib.


The problem has to be there. Even if it's inside the timeout time being set too short inside it so a lag spike caused by a delay getting info from the server when looting or opening a chest (basically, anything that opens a menu) causes LiteNetLib to <b>think</b> there's been a disconnect when in fact, no such thing has happened.

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