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You know what would be nice? Being able to repair/reactivate land claim blocks.


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So this is a very minor thing, more a quality of life post than a complaint or bug report.


I have no problem with only one land claim block being active at one time, however like many I don't just live and work in one location on the map. I'll tend to have 3 main properties (look at me speaking like I'm playing Monopoly!): home, horde, workshop. The latter of these I will only ever need the land claim once, in order to pick up the crafting tables and forge and the like when I do a big move. So that's fine, the workshop can have a land claim created when needed.


However, with the horde and my house I am regularly shifting things about. I could of course create a new one each time, which is easy and requires next to no resources at all (5 stone? I'm guessing but it's about that), but it just seems a bit of a "faff".


What would be nice is that you could activate/deactivate them (in the same way you do with the visible borders), with the limit still being one active block at any given time. (ie: activate one, the other is automatically deactivated).





Allow land claim blocks to be turned on and off rather than destroy/create.

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