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Any interesting custom game modes you've tried?


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With the very customizable vanilla game setup, you can create almost entire new games from default 7dtd by changing settings around. I'm curious what things people have changed in the game creation options (keep it to vanilla changes) that they've thought up or tried....basically, what custom scenarios have you created?


One I've been toying around with for a while is:

"The hunt"

day length - 60 minutes or shorter (your "safe" time should be as limited as possible)

day/night cycle - 12 hours (12 hour days, 12 hour nights)

Blood moon frequency - 1 day (every night)

Blood moon zombies - 4


You only ever have 4 blood moon zombies active at a time, but they are active literally 50% of the time you're playing. If it's too intense, just turn down the blood moon zombie speed. If it's not intense enough, add more zombies or turn up the speed, or try to mod the xmls to make night last 18 hours instead of 12. Then have fun exploring and clearing POIs while constantly watching and covering your back from incoming blood moon zombies.


Basically taking the "zomg crazy base defense for 25% of every 7th day" and replacing it with "constant low level threat 50% of EVERY day"


Any ideas the forums community has come up with to change the game (I heard of the Dishong Tower challenge too, and it sounded cool, but not my cuppa tea)?

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In A17 i tried no poi mode.

- in the worlds folder, i edited the xml file of a generated world by deleting all poi entries except 1 trader. Kept the trader to stop the starter quest from bugging out, i didn't visit the trader though.


Result: Burnt forest biome still had the burnt corners, some corner and the roadbridge poi in the wasteland + cars and other "on the ground" items for looting. Since it was just an experiment, it was ok, goal was not zero loot, just way less POI's.


However, outside zombie spawns was still low in A17, except for in the wasteland. Think it is the first time since A11 i wanted to go to the wastland for a better chance of finding something useful, and to find zombies to kill for xp.


My opinion on it, it was heaps upon heaps more immersive then vanilla, but also a lot more boring due to the lack of zombies. Which meant a VERY slow levelling and very drawn out early game. It was worth the experience of doing it, but not sure if i repeat it. Very challenging though.


A18 just seems to big of a lootbased gameplay for it to work properly, although, i could be wrong on that. Can't know for sure before one have tried. Would have to modify more then the pois xml if i try it again.

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I have in the past tested myself for certain play and win conditions.



The first one I ever conceived was 'Army of Darkness'. I had built a castle structure and lived there pretty much full time. I was not allowed to live in metal or steel blocks. Flagstone, Brick, Concrete only. No turrets or automatic weapons, ever. My world was set for Warrior difficulty, and if I remade it today then zombies START at run speed. It seemed fun at the time. It was through AoD that I decided to actually take a stronger look at game modes as a viable option for fun. This was great when I was playing in the days of Valmod.



For Pirates Only! This means you can't have anything that didn't exist outside that technology era. You could do bow, crossbow, and blunderbuss, even Machete. Nothing electric and you can't live in or hide in steel bases of any kind. It provided an interesting challenge to say the least. It also made me mostly non-mobile. I could get screwed if I ever dropped in a really large and crappy map. In A16 I rather enjoyed this mode a lot. To leave the map, I had to constuct a basic wooden ship that looked the part. It had to be sails, no oars, and at least two masts. Sail off into the sunset when the hordes got to be too strong for this kind of mode. No air drops.


The next was Nomad. You had to live out of your backpack. You couldn't craft anything that wasn't primitive by hand. You could only use technology you actually looted. No traders. No money. You also couldn't stay inside any POI for longer than a day, and you couldn't stay in any particular POI for any amount of consecutive nights. You can travel back and forth between POI's if you had to, but mostly the point was to move on. I'd turn off loot refresh too. No air drops either. End game winning was not fixed. Chests were okay, but because I was on the move so much, I couldn't just stockpile everything in one location. Horde nights were INSANE


Third was Mad Max. I'd allow myself a minibike to start off with for free, but with no fuel. Similar to Pirates, but allowed technology that was mechanical or electric but only if it already existed in the POI, and this was mostly allowed because we needed to updrade our vehicles. I wasn't allowed to craft it out of backpack and not without a Pass'N'Gas with a working craftstation. I was only allowed to use desert, wasteland, or burn biome. I could never keep more than one stack of ammunition, ever. No air drops, and I could only eat canned food. And here's where it hurt the most. I was only allowed to use basic bandages to heal myself. This scenario is really well done with Nitro maps. =) Win conditions were that if I beat any high rise and I had access to a gyrocopter I was allowed to fly away.


I've been considering a game mode idea for 28 Days Later, deciding how I might be able to incorporate the Rage Zombie. With the new mechanics, this might seem more viable. Inspirational comments and feedback are encouraged to help me consider it more.


My default game mode is Night of the Living Rednecks. I tend to hang out in deserts more than anywhere else. I run zombies that are weak but very very numerous. Standard difficulty.

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