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Is there a way to copy settings from a server for use in my own solo game?


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Do you have Notepad++ and have you ever changed a xml file?


Here is where I would make the changes.


I would open "My 7 days to die game folder"/Data/Config/XUi_Menu/windows.xml with Notepad++.

"My 7 days to die game folder" above is in quotations because I don't know where your game is. I always copy my game to another folder to not screw up my vanilla game.


I would then scroll down to xuiGameSettingsBasic and xuiGameSettingsAdvanced.


I would add my settings to XPMultiplier and LootRespawnDays

See image below...


In XPMultiplier I woud add a , after the 300 a space and then a 900 (or what multiplier I wanted)

eg "25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 300, 900"


In LootRespawnDays I would add a 1, and a space just before the 5

eg "-1, 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50"


Then I would save it and start my game You should then have those options unless you, I or both of us screwed something up...which is why I always say to make sure you put a safe copy of the file you are going to change someplace safe.


The image is highlighted where the changes (to me) should be made.


I have changed other things in this and it has worked. Like I have added 20 to the DayLightLength so the nights are not so long when I play 120 DayNightLength.


And am saying one more time so you can't miss it - Copy your file to a safe place before you change it!!!!!!!!


Someone please correct if you see any mistakes or if there is a better way to do this as I am also learning.


Good luck on your game.



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Hmm.. I haven't played on a server this patch, nor messed with those settings files at all, but;


within the saves folders there are copies of configs for even my local saves. You might be able to find the server config files in there, from your save of that server, as they are on the server.


To make this even less useful, I'm on a Linux machine, so I don't know where the Saves are located on a win box. for me it's /.local/share/7DaysToDie/Saves/[WORLD NAME]/[sAVE NAME]/ConfigsDump


I think /.local/share corresponds to something like AppData, or the User folder.


If you find em, let us know :)

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I just checked my ConfigsDump in my Saves and I did see xml files there but not the one I mentioned where you could change the settings for those things they asked for. I am a noob at this stuff too so maybe there is a way to change some stuff there I just haven't seen.

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Arrh, damnit. I misread it. It contains XUI/windows.xml, but not XUI_Menu/windows.xml. The former sets the in-game UI, the latter sets the pre-game menu structure. A normal client doesn't need the "server menus" so they're not copied over to the client.


(yeah, I'm guessing a lot here, but ... makes sense at least :) )

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