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Receiving and Loading Configs stuck after loading ui_display (b5)


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The server I'm playing on currently has a problem where the loading configs get stuck after ui_display. What comes next is XUi/styles, but for some reason that isn't showing up.


Apparently the XUi/styles file is vanilla, so I'm not sure what the problem could be.


Has anyone else had the same problem and overcame it?

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Anytime the server changes the config, this message appears. Normally it only stays up for 10-15 seconds as the client downloads the updated configs , but sometimes it sticks there. Usually a client restart fixes it, but I have one player running under Windows that can't get into the server at all. It stays at Loading Configs, and won't move on.


Used launcher to reset everything

Physically removed the 7DaysToDie directory under AppData

Removed the TFP entries from registry

Validated files


And they are still dead in the water. I have no idea at this point what to do. I'm filing a bug in the bug thread. This is something TFP needs to fix.

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Out of the blue, another Windows using player is getting the same thing trying to join my server. She gets stuck at Receiving and Loading Configs, just like another window users. Those using Linux are able to join the server.


I doubt it's my server - I had two servers, and this did NOT happen until yesterday's A18.1 B5 update. With B4 we got the message, but we were always able to restart and get past it. Now that B5 is out, people are getting locked out of the server.

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