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omg swim in loot HYPE!


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i am on day 3 and i am already so lucky that i have every tool i need tier 2 some tier 1 but still,


done 2 quest so far and my chest is already filled with stuff for later and my fps outside around 5 zombies is like 45 to 100 i dont know what causes the spikes but overall its more smoother for me with only a 4130 amd fx and a 750 ti graphics card. only wish for zombies fps drainage but overall i am finally able to play thanks alot enjoying every minute of it!


ak and bullets, 150 food wrench 2 pieces heacy armor steel axe iron shovel tier 4 pickaxe and mods and triple backpack mod XD duno where to place that yet. wow so much to figure out this friday is gonna be HELLA juicy ! cya around forums people ama dive!

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