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Help Half of this stallionsdensz 375 backpack


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Could someone help me tweak the cell structure in this mod? My monitor is 1600 x 900 so everything is tiny and I have bad eyes. https://github.com/stallionsden/StallionModlets/issues/1 love the space and craft queue hate not being able to see - obviously this would apply to all type of storage items that are modded.


Red means move or shift

White means cut


The idea is have as many cells as possible and still safely read


I can read at lowest 14px font size. I included an example


right now as is its more like 10px per cell making me really strain.


- - - Updated - - -


I would honestly mod the config myself but I do not understand cells and graphs. If someone could teach me I may not need help in the future. This is my discord id if you want to to teach me cells and graphs Zer0Necrosis#1549



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