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Collapse without breaking horizontal support rules


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I made a special base for bloodmoon. It worked perfect for weeks...

Now, suddenly, different parts of the building start to collapse without reason and i cant replace those blocks because they keep falling down... It's a flying base, rests on 2 drawbridges, used only iron frames to have maximum support, only 5 blocks between the support pillars… Cant see any other reason than a bug..?

I have uploaded screenshots of the base, it's some of the iron bars top floor and now suddenly the 5-6 blocks in the middle at the top...






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Did you maybe dig below the house? I.e. mining some ore deeper down? Whatever is used as support columns needs an unbroken chain of blocks vertically down to bedrock.


It's nothing to do with that with his base. Weeks ago I was building a large house and with support beams and the whole upstairs ceiling collapsed. When I re-built it, things were going okay and when I got near finishing that ceiling parts of the blocks kept falling loose to the floor. Then I built something around what I call a glitch zone and the wall kept crumbling to the floor. Then I started a new world and I was building another large house in a different location and exactly the same thing happened again at the same part of my house in the same way. I've also had bridges partly collapse when I've rode my minibike across them. Yesterday a friend of mine and myself were in one of those desert hotels and two blocks fell from one of the upstairs floors. This is nothing to do with not digging deep enough. In my second house, things were going well until I was finishing another support beam and then disaster struck again. I wonder if The Fun Pimps are aware of this annoying bug.

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Note that SI isn't checked continually for every block. You can built a structure that is unsound and it will hold for a while. And just because you drive into that area some time later or add a wood frame far from the unsound place it might crumble.


Different cases can have different reasons for failure. Just because in your case there was no digging involved does not mean that digging wasn't the cause for Massacre's base crumbling.


You describe your ceiling crumbling repeatedly and you did not dig below your house. Good, one reason for collapse eliminated.


Next question: Was your ceiling crumbling in a room on the ground floor or some floor up?


And two further questions: How many horizontal blocks were between the nearest support column (one that went vertically down to the ground without a gap) and the block that always crumbled? What was the material used for the support column and what was the material used for the ceiling?


You can also post pictures of your setup if you want. Just press F9 in-game, the pictures will be stored in a "Pictures" sub-directory of your games install directory.

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