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Most Fun since A10 or 12

taxi driver

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I wanted to say good job. I wasnt really satisfied with how the game`s going since A15+ but i can see the way you create things can lead to FUN.

In A16 and 17 i just played till the first or second Bloodmoon and stopped. This Version now seems very polished to me and you sorted out many annoyances.


Some stuff:


- the tinkerer perk seems useless as you can craft forged iron from the beginning

- "handcrafted" maps are nice but dont limit the RWG too much

- still not enough "no dungeon" - houses aka still too many dungeons. imo there should be at least 50% normal buildings

- XP system and perks are getting better, the core attribute bonuses are still meh (especially intellect). give some bonus according to the attribute, like + 1% movement speed for 1 agility, faster crafting, learning (or whatever) for intellect etc.

- not being able to cancel molotov-throws, like you can cancel arrows


+ i really like the hunter perk (!)

+ i also like those little sites (the playground, the park benches, that wildwest wagon-thing etc... makes it look less generic


Be creative, i know you are. Overall i`m very pleased.

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