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MeanCloud's Cannabis


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55 minutes ago, Gouki said:

Hi doughtphunghus


Could you update the cannabis mod, not a priority right now, I can wait.
This is the error:


"PlantedCannabis3HarvestPlayer needs a deco shape assigned but has not"



I saw that mentioned above. I'll see what I can do. I have ran into a few things in it besides load warnings that need cleaned up (and 1 thing that causes a game crash I can't figure out).  If I have to disassemble and rebuild Unity models for the error you mention it may take a bit as I've never done that :)

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UPDATE: Cannabis mod appears to be working, located here on GitHub.  Please test is out and let me know!

Pinging @MajorMunchy, @Life2Death


@Gouki- I believe the block you are referring to is flagged as "Dev" in the XML.  I'm not seeing the error in a19.2 but I think I know what might be causing it so I "fixed" it.  Let me know if you see it and if so I'll do more testing on the latest build of 7d2d (unless you are on a specific build).

Some notable changes I made:

- Minor graphics update. Bongs are now more visible against the backpack background. 1 graphic scaled to reduce memory by ~100 kb

- Moved perks from now nonexistent YeahScience to Physician. Tried to scale original perks to fit new perk levels.

- Small Localization and loot group changes


For other non-bug requests, (there are several above) I'll be looking at making updates after I get MeanClouds other mods working in a19

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Thank you very much doughphunghus, the mod works correct, it no longer shows the error.
The version I use is A19.3 b5 exp.


P.S. I also have the old versions of the scrapboneknives and forge1m mods installed, they work fine for me.

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  • psouza4 changed the title to MeanCloud's Cannabis
  • 1 month later...

So first off let me say I love and appreciate this mod. The plants look great, it's easy to find and start a farm., and it even has purpose. That being said I would like to suggest a few tweaks and ideas. (Mind you I know little about writing mods so I don't even know if these are possible, but if they are, it would definitely be cool. However I am pretty tech suave and naturally good at learning coding. I even taught myself enough already to alter your mod on how the weed affects stats. That being said:


1: While I agree with the negative to perception and buff to fortitude, I would also subtract from agility (as reflexes are usually negatively affected) and add to intellect (as weed can be a great muse). I'd say strength is the least affected if at all so maybe randomize a +/-1 with bongs if anything. (Cause a bong can give you strength or knock you on your ass. lol)

2: Maybe add a glass pipe, and corn cob pipe that can be crafted from (obviously) corn.  Pipes could have like 5 uses (maybe more for glass) before they needs to be cleaned\repaired. I would give the pipes the same stat affect as joints. Also add blunts, The could be made from fiber and paper instead of just paper and last longer than joints or bowls.

3: Add a random chance for glass bongs and bowls to break. (Thought about adding something to a perception/fortitude skill tree that could lesson/nullify the chances, but couldn't find anywhere logically to add it.)

4: EDIBLES!!! Need I say more? I will anyways. The potential of the mod here is almost endless. Edibles could have added stat boosting affects to foods/drinks. 

5: Last but not least. Maybe split weed into 2 kinds. Sativa and Indica. This would be a big overhaul, as either type should have different stat effects. But it would open the mod to many more possibilities in each of the earlier mentioned ideas. (While this would be epic, I AM well aware of how much work it would take.) 


That's all I got for now. Again I wanna say thanks for making the mod to begin with. And if I can help, let me know. As I said I have little to no experience writing mods but I tend to naturally understand coding. So with a little guidance I I'm sure I could become fluent and helpful.

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