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Crafting Infrastructure Progression


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Currently, I feel that the crafting progression is a weakness in the game.


There is a natural progression from basic stone axes to advanced weapons, armor, and vehicles as the game progresses, but there is no such progression for our crafting infrastructure. The campfire and forge you build early/medium game will stay with you forever.


Currently, these blocks are upgraded with things like anvils and grills, but they don't really change apart from these upgrades.


I, personally, would like to see upgrades to these devices. I think that microwaves, electric stoves/ovens, etc. should be a thing that exists. Further, the current "forge" should eventually be replaced with blast furnaces, induction furnaces, manual anvil/smithy, hydraulic anvil/smithy, etc. WOrkbenches should become mills, lathes, CNC machines, tool shadow boards, circuit card printers, and plastic injection molds. Hydroponic growing, rain collection, wells, osmosis water filtering, and other infrastructure upgrades would be a welcome improvement.


I think that the base builder/crafter gameplay loop is currently a little stagnant, and adding additional base infrastructure options would help with this.

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Agreed. It doesn't even have to go super deep, but something beyond what we've got now would be great.


However, I think it's important that these additional stations be upgrades to our crafting capabilities and not gates. For example, if the upgraded stations had extra requirements, e.g. electricity, but provided extra crafting queues for simultaneous crafting, that'd be excellent.

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