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Having a lot of fun with alpha 18 exper


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First, I'm really enjoying mining again. No more miracle boulders that provide all the res you'd ever need on the surface. Now you need to mine again, and the new textures for the minerals are excellent. It's real easy to see which one is which, I mean nitrate with the white crystals, I just love it. Coal is good. The oil shale is nice with an oily sheen. It's fun to mine again.


I love the landscapes, being a geologist and geomorphologist, the landscapes and plant communities are the best of any game I've ever played.


Now I just did day 21 and I've done literally many 100's of day 21s in previous alphas, and frankly I was ready to be disappointed again. Many alphas day 21 would be ho-hum even on insane lvl. But I wasn't. I'd set up two fields of blade traps with 8 traps each. I'd set up electric fences. I'd also set up a group of 6 turret traps, 3 9mm and 3 shotgun. Then I had a bar roof to keep the buzzards off with four junk turrets on top, each one facing a different direction.


It all worked marvelously. Oh and about 2000 wood spikes and a lot of barbed wire. Usually on a day 21 horde this would be massive over-kill.


Wow was I wrong. I used up ALL my ammo and I had several thousand rounds each of m60 machine gun, pistol and shotgun.

I made 4 levels which is pretty good as I'm a fairly high lvl already.

It was the most exciting horde night I've had in years, by far. The junk turrets are the greatest, I love the chunk chunk sound they make, and they really messed up those damn buzzards.


I loved alpha 16, spent about 2000 hours playing it, and the hordes just plain sucked. Sorry but it's true. No challenge. Always played on Insane lvl.

With alpha 18 exper I'd be afraid to try Insane level, I'm on Adventurer I think now. On insane, on night 21, I would have died! And I never die.


I love finding books again, all that. Finding crucibles is so refreshing to the old days. I remember some alpha long ago with getting a forge was a real chore. This alpha is greatly improved.


And I'm seeing the frame rate issues, and the hit box issues, yes there are problems but I'm just having a lot of fun, that's all.

My greatest wish is that multi-player would be fixed enough so it would be fun again. That's where the real challenge lies, and where many epic stories are born.

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my only thing, and I wrote about it elsewhere just now, is after a while, long before day 49, I get bored. The game lacks challenge for me.

Multiplayer is a lot of fun and very challenging, but it's badly broken.

Still one of my all time favorite games though. And I've played a lot of games.

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The game is far too easy at start, food,guns,armour,recipes etc are far too easily found. Having all you need by day 14 does not make for a long game. Removing the early struggle and giving so much so easily detracts from the game. We all understand the need to encourage new players and the lowest level covers that.

Never used so few bandages etc as i have in this version nor had so much food and drink,feathers,weapons,bullets,turrets,schematics etc etc.

Its no real wonder why people get bored by day 21.

No beginner wants extreme difficulty but the game HAS to be a struggle to survive otherwise it becomes a farming/building/mining sim.

Its probably time to seperate solo and multiplayer instead of harming both by compromising, at least that way both get the attention that has to be focused on that version without detracting from the other.

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There are those of us who say it's too easy, and then a loud chorus of players who say it's too hard.

I get bored because, once you have lots of stuff, tons of ores, tons of gun powder, tons of brass (not a door left in entire towns),

there's not that much new to do and see.

Granted, there is a LOT of hidden stashes now and I love that. But I think I know where they all are.

I guess I just play too much lol


I have said this from the start. I wish there were surprises. Things that can occur randomly that are somewhat rare.

A good example of that is floors that collapse and you fall. Those are wonderful surprises! It's a great part of the game! First time it happens, it's like "OH NOOOO" lol. But then after that you learn and avoid them etc.


No one likes my ideas but I wish there were a lot more surprises. I'm not a game developer so I can't even make a suggestion.

But surprises, or super rare loot that's hard to find, or SOMETHING to keep the game interesting past day 21 or so.


I've often said one idea is a strange animal that only spawns with a 1 in 100 chance, a pink ZEBRA or something, a flying chiwuawua ...something strange that only occurs RARELY and has a strange sound. I know, not enough memory. Oh well.


Just imagine though the first time you're holed up at night, waiting, listening and suddenly this really odd noise occurs! And it's getting closer! OMG! lol

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Speaking of surprises in the game I would love if the body bags spawned zeds inside of them and then they burst out like a stripper from a really big cake.


Please don't. If something like this would happend then I know for sure that some viewers of Hellys Playbase will become deaf. :)

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What is your play style? How long are your days? I've got a single player game on normal difficulty, default settings, where I'm getting close to day 21, and I have nowhere NEAR the skills, traps, weapons, or readiness that you mention for your horde night. I was excited, all I need yet is tires for my bicycle.


Edit: In what ways do you find multiplayer broken? I play with two friends, and we have a blast playing.

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