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Find and repair vehicles


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I'm wondering if it would be feasible to create a mod adding disabled versions of vehicles in the world (ie. occasionally replacing lootable vehicles if possible) that require varying degrees of repairs to "transform" to a usable version. Repairing would require varying amounts of different parts - mechanical & electrical parts, generic vehicle parts, headlight(s), tire(s), oil, etc. - basically anything but the parts you now unlock and craft with Grease Monkey.


In exchange, Grease Monkey would be changed to allow upgrading or creating mods for vehicles, and maybe required to unlock assembly of vehicles with and without a schematic. For example:


Level 0 - Repair bicycle, assemble bicycle with schematic

Level 1 - Repair minibike, assemble bicycle without schematic, assemble minibike with schematic, basic upgrade bicycle

Level 2 - Repair motorcycle, assemble minibike without schematic, assemble motorcycle with schematic, basic upgrade minibike, advanced upgrade bicycle

Level 3 - Repair 4x4, assemble motorcycle without schematic, assemble 4x4 with schematic, basic upgrade motorcycle, advanced upgrade minibike

Level 4 - Repair gyro, assemble 4x4 without schematic, assemble gyro with schematic, basic upgrade 4x4, advanced upgrade motorcycle

Level 5 - Assemble gyro without schematic, advanced upgrade 4x4, all upgrades for gyro, and maybe some "mastery-level" upgrades


Assembly would require the same parts currently required, but the crafted parts would be found in loot instead of crafted. Bicycle and minibike parts would be uncommon but widely distributed, and occasionally found in air drops (credit to ragsy for that idea). Parts for other vehicles would be more rare and found in appropriate POIs.


Any thoughts, forum?

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I don't need any credit for the airdrops idea, that was a user request for a modlet for vanilla game I made for Sevryn


This sort of 'loosely' follows the original plan Guppycur had for his Vehicle Madness Modlet and SDX version, find a damaged vehicle haul it back to workshop and repair it , A17 and some things were not working as expected so Guppy went for chances of finding random cars in the world and changing the recipes and loot so you actually built a vehicle out of the right parts.


So you could find damaged or good versions of things like seats,carburetta,engine, wheel and so on .... when harvesting or looting , coupled with needing a special workbench and appropriate tools.


That modlet status is 'under review' as a few things have changed its possible direction in A18.



But there may be another !!





Ragsy !!

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