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My General impressions about a18


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First, excuse my english :crushed:


- At begining i feared serious performance issues. People said performance was optimited but in computer i had serious problems

- 1 or 2 mini.patchs and i could play again

- It has sense to explore.

- Perk system give you real posibilities on diferent builds, very nice

- Books, ok

- Explosives, i love then

- Now i can "earn my life" doing missions to vendors.

- Problems with structures. 2 of them collapsed and i dont know the reason. The colapsed when i put the roof.

- Random running when hitted normal zombies, its a nice idea.

- Sure there are more problems, but i think its on the righ way

- Mining perhaps is too easy now. The idea of mark mining zone is ok, but its too easy to down 2-4 meters and get all the ore you need.


Im enjoying this a18. Keep on!

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