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[Forum] Thread search sort


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I know this board is for game support, not forum support, but I couldn't find a better option.


When you do a thread search, the results are ordered in some inscrutable manner. For long running threads, sorting by date is a better option IMO.


I accidentally discovered that if you use a blacklisted search term, you get kicked to the advanced search page which allows you to specify result sorting (though for date it's always ascending even if descending is chosen :crushed:).


Is there a way to choose sort order on a thread search without this workaround?

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It's so much easier to search the forums in Google...


site:7daystodie.com/forums chili dog


No thanks, my pops taught me to always use the right tool for the job. :p


Plus AFAICT it's impossible to search a specific thread with google which is what this is all about.

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