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Lootable level 6 items means there should be Craftable level 6 items


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First, I want to thank the developers of 7 Days to Die. I have enjoyed this game thoroughly and I have 2000+ hours of actual game play. Same username in Steam as here.


I also want to state I am not a soft player my game mode is on Insane or Survivalist, default on everything else except air drops, they are marked on.

When I play a solo game, all zombies are running always.

My play style is Killer/Looter/Quest/Builder/Gather/Miner. I do it all because I enjoy everything in this game and to survive in hard mode.

My current game build is 18.1d2 and my character in this game is level 59 I have put in about 50 - 60 - hours into the 18.xx release at this time with a few friends.


I respect everything you have done with this game except the point in making crafted items only level 5. If you put all needed points in an attribute you should be able to craft Legendary items, this does not diminish the game instead it adds to the game because a person should want to go fully down a Stat tree to get level 10 in per, str, fort, agil and int.


The way the game mechanics are right now you still have to go out and do POI’s or (quests) or you have to kill/loot a place and hope you get items you can scrap down so you can have parts that are needed to create a better weapon/item. You cannot just go down a Stat and bam make level 6 items, you need part of that set to make that items. ( I love this please don’t change it)


Like you have suggested different level items should require different amount of parts.


I have played this game in alpha 18 for 50+ hours and I have been able to build myself 2 level 5 steel tools (for example) and I am level 59. Why not double the amount of parts needed for level 6 and classify it legendary? ( I would have only been able to make 1 legendary steel tool then with the current settings.)


This still makes the items very rare because the amount of parts needed, also more balanced then just maxing out lucky looter, better barter, and daring adventure. Then buying level 6 items from the trader or finding them while looting/questing.


This allows other builds which is your goal as per the update notes. If this is not allowed Perception, and Intellect will become the new norm tree line with a few adjustments to compensate so level 6 can become attainable more easily.


Again, thank you for this fun game looking forward to see what you do.


PS. Do not make the game easier because people complain. There are more of us out here who love the game and find it not difficult enough. We just don’t post as much because we are busy playing the game.

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