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Roll back dedicated server to Alpha 18 b155 stable?


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I'd like to roll back my dedicated server from Alpha 18.1 (B2) back to Alpha 18(b155) so my players don't have to worry about wiping the map so often.


I set my client to opt out of betas, which worked correctly, it's at Alpha 18(b155) now.


I used steamcmd and ran app_update 294420, which did download, but when I start the server and try to connect, it still says the server is on Alpha 18.1 (B2)


Is there a way to roll this back? If not, where are the player and map files located so I can reinstall my server and restore things to the way they were?


Thank you!


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Update for anyone else trying to do this, I couldn't get it to roll back via steamcmd, so I copied the entire 7 days folder on the server to a different drive, and renamed it. I then deleted the original folder and used steamcmd to re-download the game server. Once that was done, I copied in old my serverconfig.xml, and everything in the old worlds folder to the new one.


Everything seems to be working now.

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