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NewLifeExperience 1.9.3 for Alpha18 B155.


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Hi Folks,


Welcome to my Modlet [New Life Experience]

A Mod about Loot, Loot, Loot alot of Fighting Zombies (4-8 times more as Normal) and a Mod touched by the charm of Fallout IV.


Take a loot on 3 New Progressions with 26 Perks to Learn.

Tons of New Junk Items (140+)

Few more new Tools, Weapons (Melee,Range)

Items to Craft with, Harvestable Dead Corpses to robber the last Piece of Honor from them.

New Buffs/Debuffs, Crazy Bloodmoon Events and "Loot Boxes" to surprise yourself with every single Box you earn.


You don't like to Digging holes, Farming Wood or Build the whole game? No problem, still explore the world and loot container, Kill Zombies or Animals and gain "Coins of Blood" to craft Mining related Stuff....

Or do u love to Dig holes and Build instead of Grinding Zombies and sneak through houses? Then Dig Everything u want and earn "Coins of Minig" to craft Exploration and Fighting related Stuff. Its depents on you.


For questions pls use my Discord or the Mod Post Page from NexusMods.


If you want a ful list of Content, check out the *.rar Archive then a full list of Content are included into the Mod Archive.


Download Here



Discord? - Come in and talk with me! I Want your Feedback, Bugreports and suggestions :)




Mod is translated in English and German

LAST UPDATE: November. 16 - 2019


-Update List-

Nov. 16 - 2019
Alpha 18 - Update, New Blocks, and Bugfixes

Nov.9 -2019
Alpha 18 - Hotfixes and Changes

Oct.26 -2019
Alpha 18 - Compatibility Update

Oct.27 -2019
Alpha 18 - Update/Changes on Zombie/Animal Loottables

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