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5 hours ago, War3zuk said:

Have you Mixed Mods.... is it a clean install of v3.11 if so Discord me & post a piccy so i can see what you mean as I know thats not in the mod as far as im aware..

Turns out it was the "Large Storage Containers" mod that screwed with the XUI for some reason...luckily there are alternative mods to use.

Thanks for the help.

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Hello i dont know if its the right place as im new here and to all this modding stuff but i got your HD weapons Katanas hamer and so on onto my dedicated server the problem is after droping all files in mod folder it shows the items and description but no icons and no unity 3d model 😛 am i doing something wrong do i need to replace some other files or put them in a diffrent folder? there are no instructions over here https://7daystodiemods.com/hd-katanas/  and the other weapons on what to do so i was asuming dropping all in mod folder is all i need. Would be extremely grateful for some help on this matter cheers.

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