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Skill/Progression Screen Size Issue !


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Hi there :)

Can anyone help me pls and telling me how i can resize the Skill/Progression Screen???

I got a Error Message while open the Skill Screen:


ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index
 at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException (System.ExceptionArgument argument, System.ExceptionResource resource) [0x00029] in <1f0c1ef1ad524c38bbc5536809c46b48>:0 
 at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException () [0x00000] in <1f0c1ef1ad524c38bbc5536809c46b48>:0 
 at XUiC_CategoryList.SetCategoryEntry (System.Int32 index, System.String categoryName, System.String spriteName, System.String displayName) [0x00037] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at XUiC_CategoryList.SetupCategoriesByWorkstation (System.String workstation) [0x0007a] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at XUiC_SkillWindowGroup.OnOpen () [0x00024] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at XUiWindowGroup.OnOpen () [0x00006] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at GUIWindowManager.Open (GUIWindow _w, System.Boolean _bModal, System.Boolean _bIsNotEscClosable, System.Boolean _bCloseAllOpenWindows) [0x000d0] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at GUIWindowManager.Open (System.String _windowName, System.Boolean _bModal, System.Boolean _bIsNotEscClosable, System.Boolean _bCloseAllOpenWindows) [0x00065] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at XUiC_WindowSelector.OpenSelectedWindow () [0x00261] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at XUiC_WindowSelector.HandleOnPress (XUiController _sender, System.EventArgs _e) [0x00011] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at XUiController.OnPressed (OnPressEventArgs _e) [0x00011] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at XUiController.Pressed (System.Int32 mouseButton) [0x00007] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at XUiView.OnClick (UnityEngine.GameObject _go) [0x0005d] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 
 at UIEventListener.OnClick () [0x00014] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0 


Error Message InGame:



Skill Screen issue:



i Added 4 New Skilltree options. 2 of them are OutOfScreen, so it would be cool to make them visible

Any in Detail issue fix would be nice :)



I found the line i had to change, but want to know how to write the patch file..



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