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Apple/Fruit trees


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support! also Wheat and basic bread making (meat pies, breads, fruit pies)


Grow wheat, toss harvested wheat into cement mixer (lol if I can make sand from rocks I can make flour from wheat) get flour.


Hardtack: 5 flour, 1 boiled water, 1 Nitrate powder (nitrates help stop bacteria from growing) +15 food, -5 water +5hp

~Hardtack is a common travel ration used in times of hardship


Bread: 5 flour, 1 boiled water, 1 egg, 1 nitrate powder +20 food, -2 water +10hp

~soft springy bread! finally a civilized food!


Spicy Meat Pie: 5 flour, 1 Murky water, 5 meat, 1 animal fat, 1 gunpowder +50 food +25hp

~A favorite among the survivors in Navezgane's wilderness


Blueberry Pie: 5 Blueberries, 5 flour*, 1 egg, 1 animal fat, 1 boiled water +45 food +22hp

~Like grandma used to make!

*replace the cornmeal, saves it for grain alcohol


just some ideas =)

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