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(Alpha 18) Mod localization issues


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Hello everyone,


I wanted to inform you about something that I noticed while trying to update my Mod Localization Loader script for Alpha 18. As some of you already know, I got stuck in the process and the reason is that Alpha 18 changed localization text format. While in Alpha 17 each entry was on a single line, in Alpha 18 this rule isn't strictly followed anymore and first exceptions have been showing up since the first Alpha 18 experimental releases in both localization.txt and localization - quest.txt files.


To illustrate the issue, I will show you an example:

In vanilla localization.txt file, you can find the following entry (in current experimental version it's on line number 2612):

",blocks,Terrain,New,Nitrate / Stone / Sandstone,,,,,


There are many entries like this one...


If you pay close attention you will notice that this is most likely one single entry, but on two lines instead of just one like it would have been in Alpha 17. This may or may not cause trouble for those of you who create mods, but it is a big trouble for my automated script which expects every entry to have a single line like it was in Alpha 17. As you know, batch scripts have limits and this script is already pretty complex. I'm not sure how much farther I can push it and honestly, I have no idea how to overcome this issue within the possibilities of batch scripting. Please, feel free to prove me wrong here, but in my opinion this change brings no advantage for modders whatsoever, it won't allow you to create better mods and it will only make things harder and more confusing.


What are your thoughts, guys? Do you like this change at all? Do you think this is a good change or a bad change? Is it just an oversight by developers or intended change that's here to stay? Will they fix it or will they leave it as it is?

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