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Change iron sights to exclusively "hold" rather than this hold/toggle hybrid


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I prefer my aiming on hold, and the current, vanilla iron sights system forces me to use hold after reloading. Far from ideal when using Hunting Rifles. If there is a way to make it so that aiming down the crosshairs is just from holding down my rmb, I would be eternally grateful for the knowledge/mod involved. Thank you.

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I had asked MM about this in the Dev Diary and now mentioned it Balance feedback thread.. Seriously hoping it gets worked on for main game. Also, It is not just the HR, any single fire, auto-reload type that you ADS with is bit of a pain in combat because of it.


The Crossbows, blunderbuss, and Hunting rifle (all single shot, auto reload weapons) when fired from ADS mode, lock you into ADS mode, if you dont want to be locked into that you have to cancel the animation.


It can become disorientating, and hinders normal movement and view, especially with a scope equipped.


MM had said he made a ticket to see if we could get the option to disable auto-ADS. I dont know if that worked out, but the single fire weapons I think should be tested a bit if you dont already know what I mean.


From a balancing perspective these weapons are already not the most preferred, the added awkwardness to combat this causes I believe should be looked at.


A potential fix would be either a menu option to disable all auto-ADS, or like we used to have, tap RMB to auto-ADS, hold RMB for only manual-ADS with no lock in.

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