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New Vehicles?


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Alpha 17's inclusion of new vehicles was honestly quite amazing, and I'm quite happy with them, however, there is something that I think would be quite a good addition to the system, and I haven't found it anywhere, and that is some form of riverboat.


Think about it, if you decide to base yourself on a lake, or you want to navigate using rivers to get the slip on the zombies, a river boat would be a rather excellent way to do so. We have land and air travel, so that would fill out the main types of vehicle rather nicely.


Oh, and also, a makeshift tank that can mount certain types of weapons, say, maybe its turret has a shotgun, rocket launcher or submachine gun, but the tank is rather slow, expensive, yet heavily-armoured and can actually kill zombies by running over them, and guzzles gas, to act sort of as a heavier, attack-based equal to the 4x4 as an endgame vehicle. It would be powerful and endgame status, but would realistically be very hard to abuse as running it and supplying it would be expensive.

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