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Alpha 18 random world gen promblems


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I've generated a random 16k map and the roads and hills are glitching out. Some of the roads in the distance, maybe 100 blocks from me or so look like sheer vertical walls. They turn into normal roads the closer I get. Hills also pop in and out and have different shape depending on how close I am. I am also seeing floating trees on top if invisible hills until I get closer to them. My graphics are maxed, my hardware is well up to the task. I've never had this issue with 16k rwg before. Maybe I need to try making a new rwg again? Or reduce the size? Thanks in advance for any help!

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This visual behavior indicates that the world files and region files dont match up. (for whatever reason, maybe a naming problem of the world files)


The game is locally displaying a different world (from the region files), than on the distant terrain (from the world files).


Best is to erase the save (region files), and try initializing the world anew.

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What I would do when running a server: always make backups of the world files (once after first start), and the safe game files (regularily).


To fix the mentioned problem, the world files must be the same as the one when the region files (save game) where created first.

There is probably some collision between different world files. Maybe the game thinks its the same seed or so.

Moving away the other world files might help.

(GeneratedWorlds folder)


Also the clients should delete their world files, and let the server transmit the correct one again.

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Sorry https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?129393-Living-in-a-box!


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I don't understand when you say "different world" files? How is this possible when I have implemented on a BRAND NEW server with a brand new IP a new seed when setting it up? It's RWG and a seed name that's it.


Did you check your local computers generated worlds folder?



It could be that the client is operating on different world data than the server.


Just delete all the entries there, and also clean out the saves folder

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