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A18 is friggin' great!


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Title says it all! Come fight me, complainers! Long after buying this game, and playing it for way too long and definitely getting my money's worth out of it, they come and add a shopping cart of awesome weapons and institute what essentially amounts to a point-based class system. I was on the fence about A18 until now, because it was extremely unstable until today, and they had promised performance upgrades. Now I find it running much more smoothly and I can't believe how much negativity there is on the forums.

New Skills system is great

Spears are great

Knuckles are great

New animals are great (I haven't even seen the mountain lion yet)

A18's books are great (soo much better than A17's temporary magazines)

Zombie footfalls are great (no more unavoidable deaths from ninja zombies)

And there's lots more, I haven't even played with many of the builds, like silent knife user or the Int build with stun rod and personal turret. All these new game design elements are great and the makers deserve a big THANK YOU!

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