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Blender Cube to/from Unity Issue


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I have been making custom textured blocks in Unity but would like to make the cube in Blender and import into Unity. I have tried this several times, exporting as .fbx and then importing into Unity. I have run into a couple of problems when doing that.


1 - None of the materials, textures or anything else are there when I import the .fbx file into Unity. It just shows a blank cube. I looked on YT for a vid of how to extract the materials and such but what I saw in the vids aren't an option I have in Unity or I can't seem to find it if it is.


2 - I have added a material and texture to the imported cube and exported it the same as I have done with the other cubes I made within Unity itself and when I go to place it ingame, it's like the cube is massive or something happens where it changes my point of view and I am looking from within the block to the outside or something really weird. If I try to continue to place the block, I am frozen in place and nothing will free me at all and I have to force close. I am assuming it's a sizing issue and I have tried to resize the cube in Blender from 1 down to .5 to see if that made any difference and it doesn't.


I learned the hard way, after making several custom cubes in Unity, that using a seamless texture is the way to go if you are gonna do it the fast, easy way.


I am ultimately wanting to UV wrap a cube in Blender so it looks nice and then import it into Unity and be able to extract it as a .unity3d file to be able to use it ingame.


Any insights into any of the issues I'm having would be great. I'm extremely new to Unity so it could be something simple that I'm doing wrong.


Capture of some of the blocks I've made so far:



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