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Host Server Question


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More than 8 players is not supported.


Linux is preferred.


For reference, here are my system specs.

System: Dell PowerEdge R710 Blade Server

CPU: 2x Xeon X5675's @ 3.07GHz, 24 cores

RAM: 80GB DDR3 Synchronous Registered (Buffered) 1333 MHz (Quad-Channel)

Server Primary Hard Disk: 2x 250GB Evo 960's in RAID-0

Server Secondary Hard Disk: 2x 300GB SAS drives in RAID-0 for backups

Server OS: Ubuntu 18.04

With three servers running, and about 25 players connected to all of them, this is the system stats.




So arguably, you could run a server on something like a 12-core mid-grade I7 CPU with about 16-32GB RAM without an issue.

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