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Announcement: A18 b155 EXP


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Hey folks!

We released A18 b155 EXP to public !

Please go to this thread to post bug reports.


Please find the Changelog here.


To Opt in:


Select 7 Days to die in your Steam games list

Right click and select properties

Under the Betas tab select latest_experimental – Unstable build



To potentially help with FPS problems:

#1 lower game's texture quality

#2 lower AF in driver settings or use "gfx af 0" ingame

#3 lower game's screen resolution


Have fun and enjoy !




Here's what changed since b152:



  • PerkPenetrator rescaled and extended to archery
  • Added vitamins to quest item rewards list
  • Backpacks drop >0 items and more survival type items
  • Set POI culling to 1 for live build
  • Improved XP and cash reward on T5 quests
  • Drawbridge is placed closed now by default
  • Increased backpack retries when falling out of world
  • RWG will now default to CPU terrain generation if VRAM is at or below 2048
  • Melee tuning
  • Increased animation speed on several melee weapons
  • House_old_ranch_03 resize optimization 75K tris/verts lost.
  • Traders do not sell QL6 weapons
  • Destroyed workstations now have a 25% chance to contain that workstations crafting schematic.



  • Incorrect graze swing angle on some items
  • Wrong icons on hubcaps
  • Archery mentions wooden bow unlock, but not iron crossbow
  • BookBatterUpConditioning not in loot list
  • You can throw a spear at 0 stamina
  • Harvest mods like wood splitter can negate harvest XP
  • Bleeding effect on barbed wire mod not working
  • Dedicated servers using large amounts CPU when idle
  • In serverconfig disabled network protocols still started on dedi servers
  • When a player dies in the middle of a BM the BM zombies stop spawning
  • Blood moon zombies being fixated on a single player causing toggling between a better target
  • Adjusted colliders of bridges to minimize vehicle damage.
  • Reflex sight on a double barrel shotgun looks bad
  • Inability to harvest sandbag single 05.
  • Client NRE on server join when another player hits rally marker.
  • NRE caused by player in two parties at the same time.
  • No harvest on decoLargePetCage
  • Monitor's LoD shows it a block behind
  • Mod and dye dupe
  • Upside down portraits in house_old_pyramid_03
  • Light not emitting light in fire_station_02
  • Dead space beneath bus_stop_01
  • Remnant_business_1 listed in rwgmixer. Confirmed that all other listed prefabs exist.
  • XP bonus from buffs/items does not provide the stated bonus for kill/quest XP.
  • Typo/oversight in the Run & Gun perk description level 1
  • Advance door rotations allow for player clipping exploits
  • ModGunMeleeTheHunter recipe can not be unlocked
  • Missing stat display on college jacket
  • Mining helmet does not craft at correct quality level
  • Master Chef and the cooking pot crafting speed bonus do not play nice

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