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Some idea for repair items!


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Briefly: I propose to add to the game limited number of repairs for items and two types of repairs "Quick repair" and "Overhaul". "Quick repair" is done in the backpack, and "Overhaul" only at the workbench or at the trader.


Details below. Thanks.



I liked the weapon repair system in Dying Light, or rather a limited number of repairs. This system could be partially introduced into your game, but with changes.


So, I have excellent idea for 7 days To Die =)

1. Add the "number of repairs" parameter to the items.

2. Add two types of repair “simple repair” and “overhaul”.

3. Simple repair - repair weapons with repair kits, repair tools with metal, repair armor with tape. After each simple repair, you need to reduce the "number of repairs" parameter by one.

4. When the value “number of repairs” drops to zero, the item cannot be repaired with a “simple repair”.

5. To restore the value of “number of repairs”, you need to perform “Overhaul”.

6. "Overhaul" must be done on a workbench or at a trader (or other special NPC's).

7. For "Overhaul" will already need more different resources:

- for weapons: repair kit, parts for this weapon, oil, etc.

- for tools: metal, parts of this tool, etc.

- for armor: fabric, threads, adhesive tape, leather, details of the armor and more ...

8. "Overhaul" will be available only after purchasing a certain level perk from the corresponding attribute.

9. And the last one. Some particularly strong legendary items may have a very large “number of repairs” parameter, but we cannot do “Overhauls”, or “legendary details” may be needed for repairs (for balance in the game).


Sorry for the text wall.

What do you think of it?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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