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in-game compare menu in dire need of UI overhaul and in general.


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Item Compare is super hard to understand and read especially if you are in a hurry and even worse if you are noob.

With the addition of mod slots, it doesnt even provide full information anymore.

(We really need a way to see how many mod slots are on a item please!)


Compare needs:

-Direct compare of stats and those stats labeled for quick comparison. Likely like

(Stat name) EQUIPED: xx New Item: +/- xx


-Example of a stats entry-

(Mod Slots) Equiped: 2 New Item +2 ###This shows it has a total of 4 mod slots on the new item###


Thatll make it so you guys can basically write a few lines of code and copy and paste and change a few entries.

Everyone wins! :D

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Agreed, it's not very intuitive at all and you have to unload your weapon/remove mods to get accurate info.


Do not have that issue. You just have to click the item again after its modded. Or hover.

The info is accurate with mods in it. Mods give bonus stats. If you want to see raw stats, yes, you have to unequip them. :p

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