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A18 very very first imp... thinkings :)


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Hi guys,


thank you for the A18!


Now the forum is already full of whatever everything about A18 so I tought to add up something I hope original: what's up in my mind as soon as I executed the game :) maybe someone whom hasn't yet read anything on the A18 may gain some further clues.


First of all my 7D2D profile: never played A15 or previous. Loved A16 but stopped it because there weren't so much challenge after mid-game. Hated A17: maybe too much expectations from my side, bad performance, almost full of issues in Linux. A17 was the reason for which I stopped using Linux for 7D2D.


Now let's go with my thinkings: please remember it's my head talking not me :) Playing on Win10 AMD R9290 and DX11.



Launcher - "Oh this one has not changed, no need to change it btw. Should I try Vulkan? Hmmm, no: I remember the fuchsia screen of the past I'll give TFP some more time to do that."


Loading time - "No change, that's good of course and I don't even have the game onto the SSD!"


Main menu - "Let's check the video settings, everything medium, something high nothing at ultra ok fine, let's try 1980x1200."


First try preformance - "Oh my God! That's HELL! What happened to the performance of this game?! Press ESC immediately, now now now now now now NOW... oh ok he has pressed ESC."


First exit game - "Ok let's go in the forum and look for some hints about performance... aaaaand found: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?128210-How-to-Fix-Increase-Your-FPS-Guide-A18&highlight=performance."


Second try - "Ok removed anisotropic modified the .xml file something... hmmm while not trying distance to HIGH, maybe now it works."


Playing - "Wow the game now rocks! I can even run without seeing everything choppy: I knew that! Visual quality now is astounding and rocks are now different depending on the ore it contains: nice. Look at the textures: wonderful, especially rocks on the top of mountains are top notch!"


First zombie - "Ok there we go we'll kill it... wow the icons of everything in the inventory are changed and now everything looks sooo realisting even the fonts I like! Oh it hits me... hmm strange: no sickness? In A17 at level1 was almost one shot one kill I mean one shot one sickness of something, now three hits and nothing. Ok I'll kill this guy."


More zombies - "Let's fly away we're tired, please exit from combat please... WHAT?! In A18 even during day the zombies will sprint to follow you if you leave the battle? Wonderful: very realistic! Nice idea."


Death time - "Ok dude it's quite some time you're not dying at level 1 before the game spawns dogs. But hey no more knapsack?! Ok so a zombie will eat your dead body BUT you respawn with your full backpack?! That's so unrealistic... even for an unrealistic zombie world! Hope in the settings something could change that!"


More... death time - "Third time I'm dying and it's still day 1. Wow A18 seems really more difficult than the previous versions and a zombie world should be like it. Please do not listen at the plastic bottle sound when using the wood club: it's awkward hope they'll change it :)"


Finally a barn - "Found something to be called base... let's go and check it out..."

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You can change what drops when you die in settings. You can have nothing, everything, backpack,toolbelt drop settings. So you can set it to what you like. I usually do backpack, but had a couple disappear when dropped so until they fix that I'm sticking to nothing

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More zombies - "Let's fly away we're tired, please exit from combat please... WHAT?! In A18 even during day the zombies will sprint to follow you if you leave the battle? Wonderful: very realistic! Nice idea."


They don't. There are 2 possibilities here:


a) Either you set zombies to be able to move fast during the day in your game settings.


b) You attacked and hit those zombies and their new Enrage mode kicked in. I couldn't tell from your description if you had actually HIT the zombies that ran after you, so sorry. Basically if you hit a zombie and don't kill it, there is a chance it can Enrage and start running.

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