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Game mechanics - burn and delete


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When you burn, you continuously lose life over a period of time. You can clear yourself with a drink.




It should have a negative effect if you do not delete the burning. That's why you should lose 10 more life points at the end of the burning process, if you have not deleted them before.


Who is burning, and does nothing against it, should have a disadvantage.


Currently, many players do not deleting because they think it's going to stop burning anyway. The 10 extra life points you lose would be an incentive to "first aid" by deleting.


That would make the game mechanics even more interesting.


(Unfortunately, I can only speak very little English. I have used translation program German – English.)

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I immediately understand correctly the title of theme - need to burn and delete this game mechanics!

I fully support you :)


And about the burning of the player in the fire - i also agree that it is implemented is meaningless.

There's no point in putting out the fire if it passes in one second...

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