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Possible Pets


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I've been curious since I saw a mod to summon a husky. Is it possible to have pets now?


  • Maybe bear (go strength or fortitude, tanky), wolf (maybe for perception, avg stats), mountain lion (say agility cause stealthy, more atk, lower hp).
  • Have it like a perk, so start weak at rank 1, stronger at rank 5, maybe add bleed or stuff as well. Of course make it like a craft-able idea (quality 1-5).
    • I think it would be cool if you could have gear for it as well that could be crafted or found. I'd figure by making it work like mods would be best way for it to work.

    [*]Maybe have it also be an inventory? If the pet dies, drop it's inventory in a bag for you to pick up, but you'd have to "craft" another.

    [*]Only can use 1 at a time. So even though you can craft each kind, based on what you want to use at the time, once you use one, you can't use another till the other dies. This would be so you can't have tons to become op or to have more or less massive inventory

    [*]Probably have it only attack something if you get hit, if you hit something, or if it gets hit, then it goes into an "attack" mode then just back to your side in a "passive" mode


I've been looking at the stuff to make an xpath for it, but I only have like a couple hours a week, if that, free, so I'd rather use it to actually play 7DtD :p. But if this idea is possible, I may slowly make time to do it. But before I start, would rather know if it's possible or not to waste time on it atm from people that actually do this as a regular thing.

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