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[US/PVE] 12 Slot/Password Protected/QOL Mods

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Its mostly just me playing on my server so there's plenty of open slots available

Server has a password set to protect against hackers

I just started a playthru so its around day 7-14 currently

DM for access


Server Options


• Server location: Chicago

• Server version: A18

• Map size = 8192 km²

• Game difficulty = 4

• Drop on death = Everything

• Password protected

• 60min cycle (18hr day)

• Zombies walk day/night - Ferals run

• Air drops every 7 days (w/ marker)

• Loot abundance = 100%

• Loot respawn = 30 days


Installed Mods (Installed on server, nothing for you to do on your end)


• Zombie Random Getter Upper

Randomizes time taken for zeds to get up

• Backpack Stash All

Add button to transfer between containers faster

• Bigger Wandering Hordes

More zeds out in the wild

• More Feathers

Find more feathers in nests

• Zombie Hand Adjustments

Shorten the zeds reach (more realistic)

• Pickup Plants

Use "e" to pick up plants instead of hitting w/ stone axe

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