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Add javelins (stackable throwing spears), make spears melee-oriented


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Currently, spears are rather mediocre melee weapons aside from their good range; I suspect this is due to their versatility as throwing weapons. However, I've found throwing spears are easy to lose, especially if you're on elevated POIs, so throwing any high-quality spears is incredibly risky. Plus, they don't stack, so it's not practical to use them primarily as throwing weapons.


Solution: give spears a power attack (maybe some kind of wide sweep), and add a new weapon type called javelins; stone, iron and steel javelins, naturally (steel may even use polymer instead of wood, as per the new steel arrow changes).


This might be odd since the skill would benefit two weapon types, but this has precedent in that agility's handgun skill covers not two, but three distinct weapons; handgun, magnum and SMG. I doubt this would be too problematic, but if it was perception could just be given a third weapon skill ala strength.


Javelins should probably have a low stack limit to reflect their bulkiness; anywhere from 15-30 would suffice. They'd naturally be more disposable, so relatively cheap on resources. They could potentially have a short-range, weak thrusting attack as well as their throwing.

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