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Question on difficulty levels


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It effects 3 things mainly, player damage to zombies, and zombie damage to player, and the 3rd is gamestage multiplier.


Adventurer I think is 125-150% player dmg to zombies and 75% zombie damage to player.


Nomad is even with both sides doing full damage to each other.


Warrior: zombies deal 150% damage, and in a17.4 players deal 83-87% of their damage to zombies.


Survivalist I think zombies are at 200% dmg (double), players damage is lowered more.


Insane I think zombies do 250-300% damage, and players do even less damage to zombies.


The other thing it affects is gamestage increases, higher difficulty means the gamestage rises faster, meaning stronger zombies and horde nights come sooner.


Other than those 3 it doesn't effect anything else, and its more of a way to challenge yourself. I'd suggest playing on nomad at a minimum, anything below that makes the game into a complete joke difficulty wise.

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